Customized Neurofeedback Treatment

Learn how to train your brain through advanced science and expert coaching.

Customized & Professional Neurofeedback​

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive tool to help you teach your brain how to enhance performance


Overcome racing thoughts and a busy brain


Wake up feeling well rested


Bring joy and purpose into your life


Get organized and focused on what matters


Heal your brain from recent or past injuries


Move past old traumas to reclaim your life

neuroscience picture with wavy lines

Science of EEG-Biofeedback

Neurofeedback uses positive reinforcement to enhance performance. In other words, every time your brain is showing improvement, you are rewarded.

Brain Map

It is important to understand the strength and weaknesses of your brain before starting neurofeedback

Man doing a brain map qEEG with Dr David Helfand PsyD

In-Home Neurofeedback​

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